Day 44

1. Hip-Hop/R&B tracks on the radio are NOT censored. There is no official hip-hop radio station in Monterrey that I can find. If anyone knows of one, let me know. When a track does come on, its great to hear it in its uncensored glory.

DAY 40

Sorry for the delays. Its been a crazy two weeks. Lets ReCap!

BK is starting to enjoy his new outdoor life. Although he still prefers walking on concrete and shadowing me in the park, he's slowing breaking free and running through grass and doing dog things.

DAY 15

I spent some time in San Pedro. Its a "borough" located higher up the mountain and it reminds me more of Brooklyn than any part of Monterrey. Street fairs, dog runs, and WholeFood type grocery stores. Mariel has a booth there every Sunday selling baked treats and people love it!